Ultra Premium Jumper


Peach finished perfection – at over 330 GSM this is as thick as a jumper comes. Like sitting bankside in a sleeping bag. Embroidered submerge graphics front and centre and a sneaky phone pocket.

  • Fabric Weight: 330gsm
  • Supersoft Peach Finish Fabric
  • Fabric Content: 65% cotton 35% Polyester
  • Discreet phone pocket inside seam
  • Vee insert in neck
  • Wash inside out at 30°C and hang dry for best results. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron over Embroidery


Peaching is a finishing process we use to achieve the really soft feel of the ultra-premium products. After weaving, the fabric is stretched while drying. This is when it takes on its stability. While drying the fabric is ‘peached’ by being brushed with abrasive rollers. These very gently break some of the small fibres on the outside of the fabric or tease fibres out. If you could look at a peached fabric under a microscope it would look a bit hairy. It’s called peaching because it’s supposed to make the fabric feel like the fur on a peach. This process gives a fabric a nice, soft feel and makes it more comfortable to wear. This will sometimes affect the colour of the fabric making it slightly lighter and darker in places across the garment.

The peach finish used to get these as soft as they are, sometimes results in a mottled colour effect across the garments.

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